Client KSFL
Site Area 33 Acres
Development Area 650,000 Sq. ft
Including Club House Complex
Seating Capacity 50,000
Project Cost INR 350 Cr
Status Completed
Scope Masterplanning
Architectural Design

Launched as Indias first Private-Public Stadium, the stadium has been awarded the prestigious David Vickers Award – New Venue of Year 2015. Working closely with the clients, the stadium has been designed to meet the standards of ICC & FIFA for hosting international events. The outdoor stadium offers seating for 50,000 seats with private suite boxes and VIP business seats for both cricket and football. The design of the stadium venue reflects local architectural influences, recalling a proud past while serving as a bridge to a modern era. Media, broadcast and operation facilities have been integrated into the design. The facility has state-ofthe- art amenities including restaurants, retail, banquet halls and conference rooms to provide a year around destination.

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