Client GSUDA
Site Area 10 Acres
Development Area 1,00,000 Sq. f
Seating Capacity 4,500 + 4,500 (Temporary)
Project Cost INR 40 Cr
Status Completion – 2017
Scope Architectural Design
Structure and Services
Project Management

The design of the Panjim Football Stadium emphasizes on the fan experience by creating an intimate atmosphere that brings spectators close to the action and creating an energetic atmosphere for fans. The 4500 seat, European-style Stadium features covered seating that holds in the sound and provides opportunity for future expansion on temporary overlay to host larger events. This soccer-specific stadium offers exceptional sightlines from every angle. The design of the marquee venue reflects local architectural influences, recalling a proud past while serving as a bridge to a modern era. Inspiration for the main stadium design came from timeless local architecture and essential icons, from the palm trees to traditional wooden boats.

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