Client HCC / DGNP
Development Area 1,50,000 Sq.ft
Project Cost INR 70 Cr
Status Ongoing
Scope Architectural Design
Project Management

Located along the Mumbai waterfront, this new facility is planned for the technical requirements of the new dry dock being developed along the western coast. The building houses two levels of basement in close proximity to the waterfront requiring special detailing of systems for waterproofing and safety. The building houses workshops, administrative spaces and technical rooms for the functioning of the new dock including control rooms. The façade is developed to provide a relief and a welcoming front for this technical building without compromising on the functioning and the performance. Natural light and ventilation has been provided for all occupied spaces with well-connected corridors. The Control Centre has unobstructed views of the project site and surroundings with state-of-art systems for safety and security.

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